Focus on Your Calling

Getting a Job

Suppose you were given a certain job to do by someone that you respect and admire. At first, you are eager to do the work because you appreciate the person who gave you the job. As time goes by however, you discover that the job is very difficult. Then you start to look at the jobs that your friends have been given and consider them easier than yours. Would it make sense to ask your employer about those jobs?

A Job With A Price

That was the case for the apostle Peter in John 21:18-22. In this last chapter of the Gospel, despite Peter denying Jesus three times during His trial, the Lord showed grace to Peter and gave him a new job to do: to take care of the Church. This was a great honor given to Peter, but it came with a price; it would result in the apostle’s death.

In Peter’s Shoes

Now if you were Peter, what would you think about this? I can imagine that he felt honored to be given such a job. At the same time, he must have felt scared because he knew that when he took on the job, he would face a violent death.

Knowing the Destiny of Others

With his mind swimming with these thoughts, as he was walking with Jesus along the beach, Peter saw his fellow apostle John following them. He asked the Lord what John’s fate would be, after all, He did tell Peter his destiny.  However, Jesus explained to Peter that John’s fate was no concern of his.

Comparing God Jobs

Why was Peter curious about John’s fate?  When you follow the path that God has given you, it is easy to compare your path to the paths of other believers. Perhaps you wonder whether they have an easier job than you do, or one that is more honorable in God’s sight.

The Problem with Comparison

The problem with comparing the callings of others is that it creates a type of hierarchy. You begin to believe that one calling is better than others or other tasks lesser than your own.  This man-made hierarchy was never a part of God’s plan.

Distracting from What’s Important

In fact it distracts believers from the tasks they are given, causing them to swerve from the road they are on. It is like trying to drive a car with your head turned in a different direction other than forward. Such driving would lead to spiritual accidents.

Each Job Has Value

As a believer in Christ, you should not bother yourself with such comparisons. You must remember that the callings that each believer has been given are different, but each one has value in the eyes of God because He was the One who gave them.  Just like in the human body, every organ has a different function, each one is important. If one organ does not perform its job, the body will not function properly. With that in mind, let us focus on following God rather focusing on others. Let us keep our eyes on the road, no matter how hard the road might be. Remember who gave you the job.

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