God Works In My Difficulty

There are days when I am lost on the way,

In life, there are moments that confuse me.

I ask why the Lord let such days happen,

In moments like these, I ponder how the Almighty could let them be.

Such times seem too harsh and mean to be part of the plan,

In hard and cruel moments like these, I wonder if this is my destiny.

Yet despite this, I incline my ear to listen for His soft word,

I strain daily to hear His gentle whisper in these difficulties.

Everyday I plead to the Lord asking why this is happening,

Daily, I beg the Almighty to show me why these hardships occur.

Then He answers me with a comforting reply,

With words of hope, does He give His answer.

He is at work in my difficulties,

My hardships are a part of the Lord’s building in me.

He assures me that He will not rest until He is done,

That He is faithful to complete the project in me.

So I will persevere in the face of adversity,

In tough times, I will endure it all.

For I trust the Almighty to do good in me,

Nothing but blessings come from the work of the Lord.

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