God’s Inheritance For Me

I have been promised a heritage from the Lord,

From my Heavenly Father, I am bequeathed an inheritance.

It is a present too wonderful to describe,

No words can express the bliss I have for such a gift.

Yet at this time I have not received it,

My gift is not given to me at this time.

For it will be revealed at the appointed time,

When the moment is right, God will show me my inheritance.

For my heritage came with a heavy price,

Expensive indeed was my inheritance.

The price for my gift was the giving of His Life,

The shedding of His Blood was the cost of my present.

Until then, I will give praise to my Divine King,

Onto the Lord of Lords, I give offerings of thanksgiving.

Out of gratitude, I will love my King of Kings,

My devotion will be for Christ because of His grace to me

So now and forever I will worship the One who saved me,

For all eternity, I will give my all to the Prince of Peace.

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