God Hears the Pained Soul

There were times when despair consumed me,

Fear, sometimes, placed me into a downward spiral.

Rejection fueled the despair within me,

My fears were driven by the thought of being abandoned.

I made a mask to hide my feelings,

My worries, I concealed with a smile.

But the mask only increased my anxiety,

Frustration overwhelmed me as I hid.

Where can I go to rid myself of this fear,

Who can eradicate this despair within me?

I went on my knees and prayed,

To the Almighty, I pleaded for rescue.

I asked for boldness when I met people,

In social gatherings, I requested confidence.

I surrendered my despair to the Almighty,

Onto God, I let go of my fear.

The Lord answered my prayers,

My pleas were received by my King.

No longer am I a person of despair,

Depression no longer consumes my thoughts.

Now I live with joy in my heart,

Praise and thanksgiving, my soul sings daily.

Let all who are in pain, heed my words,

Listen to my message, those who are in despair.

Give your pain to the Lord and He will heal you,

To be freed of despair, lay it at the Almighty’s feet.

The King of Kings is always listening intently,

The ear of the Lord of Lords is always open to your prayers.

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