Faith Walker’s Course

A runner has his race to run,

To finish his course is the sprinter’s goal.

The sailor has his boat to sail,

Reaching his destination is what the seafarer desires.

The farmer has his fields to plant,

To have a great harvest is his wish.

Every person has a goal as they work,

There is a reason for the worker to labor.

But what is the goal of the Faith Walker,

To what reason does the man of faith walk his course?

He walks the path set before Him by the Lord,

Following the will of the Almighty is the Faith Walker’s task.

But what is the will of the Lord,

How does one know the desires of the King?

The Spirit of the Lord speaks to all Walkers of faith,

The Faith Follower listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

He reveals the Message we must share with the world,

The Gospel of Christ, He commands us to declare.

Let us who are Faith Walkers perform our calling,

May we, Faith Followers, fulfill our purpose.

Just as athletes have their sports to play,

And a nation to lead a leader has.

We have a Gospel to share to all,

The Message of Christ we must proclaim.

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