Bringing Down My Jericho

I behold the mighty fortress in my life,

A great stronghold stands before my path.

This castle keeps me from moving forward,

Blocking me from my mission, this Jericho does.

It is too great for one man to handle,

Even an army of men cannot bring Jericho down.

What is this stronghold that hinders me,

What is the foundation of my Jericho?

My Sin are the blocks that build it up,

The mortar that keeps it together are my transgressions.

What can I do against this castle of my doing,

How can I defeat the Jericho of my own two hands?

Then the Lord reminds me of this truth,

The King of Kings assures me with this fact.

The fight against this fortress is His alone,

That He has already fought and won the battle against it.

So I will let go of my sin and give it to God,

My transgressions, I surrender to the Almighty.

I will sing praises to the Lord of Lords,

To the King of Kings, I give my thanks.

For He brings down the fortress before me,

The walls of my Jericho, He brings tumbling down.

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