The Guide to the Light

This is a world full of darkness,

A vast void has consumed it.

Many have stumbled trying to find their way,

In the dark void, people have lost the path to life.

They long to see the Light of God,

Humanity desires to find illumination in the Lord.

Yet they must be careful, of those who claim to know the way,

These guides to the Light, we must be wary of.

For they themselves are blind to the Light,

These guides will only lead us to stumble.

However God has provided for us a way to Him,

A true guide has the Almighty given.

All we must do is let go of our fears,

We must surrender our doubts before Him.

We must trust in the Guide’s leading,

In His judgments, we must completely rely upon.

The Guide that God provided is His Son,

Only Jesus can lead us to the Light of His Father.

Let us follow Him with all joy,

May we sing praises as we go in His steps.

For in Him, we have the Light,

The way out of darkness is in Christ.

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