Make Jesus Your Captain

This world is  turbulent as the stormy sea,

Like a violent hurricane do we compare our abode.

We are tossed back and forth by its mighty waves,

Like ships moved to and fro are we by the world’s currents.

We strive to find a place of safety,

To a safe harbor we struggle to sail to.

Yet we fail to find security in the storm,

The world’s tempest, hides the port from us.

We need a captain to lead us to safety,

To find the way, we need one who knows the way.

We need one to strengthen us when we are weak,

To help us when we are down, we need a captain.

We can’t be our own captain,

Our destiny, we can’t make for ourselves.

For we do not know the way to go,

We lack the wisdom to get to port.

But we have been provided a Captain,

God the Father has given us One to save us.

The Almighty sent His Son to guide us,

Jesus, He has placed as our Commander.

For He knows the way to safe harbor,

Christ is the only way to salvation.

Let us give the Son of God control of the helm,

May we allow our Messiah to take the wheel of our ship.

For under His command, we are secure in the storm,

The turbulent world can’t harm us with Jesus as our Captain.

One thought on “Make Jesus Your Captain

  1. Excellent poem! It is amazing the peace I can have when I take my hands off the wheel and let God guide me. He knows the best path for me through the storms of this life. Thanks for sharing.

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