Through the Stillness


I’m dying.

Each breath gets harder than the last.

The air does not fill my lungs as it once did.

My body aches.

Every step I take is slower.

I hear a voice telling me to hold on.

“You’ll make a full recovery if you just hold on.”

I reach out, but its hand is not there.

All I feel is empty space and an empty promise.

I close my eyes and pray.

His Word fills the emptiness.

I let out my last breath.

I am free.

My lungs fill with new air.

The pain is gone.

My path is clear, my steps are boundless.

It is through this truth my peace is found.

I no longer live, but it is He who lives in me.

It is only through the power of His endless love,

I am brought back to death time and time again.

I have been crucified…

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