My Love to my Holy God

Who can compare to the holy God,

Holy King, what man on earth can be your equal?

Who can stand up before the blessed Almighty,

Blessed Lord, no man can do what you do.

Divine Father, your mercy exceeds all mercy,

Merciful are you my King of Kings.

For you made all the universe by your great power,

Powerful you are my Lord of Lords.

You alone are above all things,

Perfect in righteousness is God Almighty.

How wonderful it is to be loved by you,

To be adored by the Lord is beyond words.

It was because of His love that He saved me,

I am truly blessed that God is my Savior.

I will exalt the name of the Lord to all who hear,

Everywhere I go, I will lift up the Almighty’s name.

May I never forget my Holy God,

Remember, I will, my Blessed Lord.

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