The Love Story of the Lord

Let me tell you a love story,

An ancient tale of devotion I will share.

In the beginning, God made man in His image,

The Almighty formed humanity in His likeness.

The Lord saw us and He loved us,

He adored us the moment He made man.

For humanity, God gave every good gift,

All that was good, our King gave to us.

The Almighty wanted nothing but the best for His image,

But then we decided to choose what was good for us.

In our disobedience, we became flawed in His sight,

Because of our sin, the Lord could not stay with us.

For the Holy God couldn’t stand the stain of sin,

The Righteous King can’t accept the blemish of evil in us.

Even so, the Lord never stopped loving us,

His adoration of His creation, the Almighty never ceased.

To get rid of sin’s stain, He had to give the final gift,

The shedding of His blood was needed to remove all evil.

Now we are reunited with the One who loved us,

Nothing can divide us from the Lord’s devotion.

Let us give thanks for God’s heavenly gift,

For His grace towards us, may we sing praise.

For this is the greatest love story ever told,

A tale of everlasting love, that surpasses all others.


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