Rescued by the Good Shepherd

I have fallen under my load,

My burden has caused me to stumble.

I am a sheep overwhelmed by my baggage,

My sins have caused this sheep to fall.

It has caused a wound to my soul,

My transgressions have made a deep gash in my heart.

My anguish, I cannot heal myself,

No salve could relieve my suffering.

Who will hear my cry for help,

What person is there to rescue me?

The Good Shepherd hears my pleas,

My pain has been heard by the Prince of Peace.

With great compassion, He lifts me from the mire,

I am taken out of the muck and into His loving arms.

In His care, I find peace in my heart,

My soul finds rest in His grace.

My burden, He takes away from me,

The Good Shepherd removes my transgressions.

My wounds are healed by His grace,

The King’s mercy has made me whole.

Forever I will stay with my Shepherd,

Never again will I stray from my Lord.

Daily I will sing praises to my God,

To the Almighty, I will devote my worship.

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