Behold the Wondrous Light

I was in darkness before I knew Him,

When Jesus found me, I was lost in the void.

I did not know the way to go in the darkness,

In the dark abyss, I traveled aimlessly.

The the Almighty showed me the way to go,

In the void, God revealed His wondrous light.

I was blinded by His brilliance,

His radiance left me awestruck.

But in His light I found my destiny,

Eternal life I discovered when I beheld His glow.

I will walk towards the source of the Light,

To Christ, I will direct my path.

No obstacle will keep me from my Lord,

I will resist the temptations of the darkness around me.

With thanksgiving, I will go my way to Him,

As I am carried in Jesus’ light, I will give my praise.

I will not let darkness defeat me,

But I will only have victory in Jesus Christ.

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