Jesus Redeemed Us

For us, Christ paid a heavy price,

With the price of blood, did Jesus redeem us all.

Only through the blood can we be made whole,

By the shedding of the Messiah’s blood, is our sin removed.

Now we no longer live for ourselves,

Our destiny is not driven by selfish desires.

For now we belong to the Lord Jesus,

We are the prized possession of the Almighty Christ.

Yet in the Lord’s care, we have found joy,

Gladness is found in the loving arms of the Prince of Peace.

For once we were slaves to our sin,

Our rebellious nature placed us into bondage.

In our sin, we were in sorrow,

Great pain we were while in rebellion.

Now we are free, let us give our praise to Him,

May we declare thanks, for sin’s chains are broken.

Let us submit ourselves to His boundless love,

To His abundant grace, may we surrender all.

For Jesus paid a heavy price for us,

With His blood, did Christ redeem us all.


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