Under the Lord’s Banner

If we are in Christ, we are His soldiers,

We are mighty warriors under Jesus’ banner.

We have been given our marching orders,

The Almighty has revealed our mission.

Faithfully, we must press on in our march,

Obediently, the mission of God, we must follow.

Despite the difficulties, we must press on,

We must move forward through frustrations.

We must proclaim His Kingdom to all people,

The Good News of Christ, we must make known.

Let us rise to do our assignment,

Let’s get on our feet fellow soldiers.

For in our mission, we have victory,

Success is assured as we perform our orders.

For the Lord already won the war,

Victory was achieved by the King of Kings.

Let us give thanks to the Almighty,

May we declare the goodness of the Messiah.

How great it is to be in the Army of the Lord,

To be under Jesus’ flag is marvelous indeed.

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