May you give love freedom

The love testimony

1 Timothy 1:5
May the source of the love you give be from your freedom… your freedom from contamination and everything that defines love vaguely.

May you not burden the definition of love with hurt, dissapointment and shallow impressions.

But may you give love freedom inside of you to spring forth from the purity of its origin and the beauty of God’s defenition as you find the Original Source.

May the source of your love be from a clear mind… your inner being that has been consumed with everything beautiful, holy and pure.

May you not diminish the definition of love from a mind that has been overpowered by the filth and destruction of this world.

But may you give love accurate form inside of you, with cleared thinking as you holistically carry the image of God in thought, deed and words, so that you can set the world free…

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