Quiet Time? What’s that?

Kevin Miller


If someone ever asks you, “How was your quiet time today?” don’t let it catch you off guard. It’s ok if you don’t know what a “quiet time” is.

Quiet time?”

As in a time where there is no noise?!

When and how and where?

“Quiet time” is one of those Christianese phrases that Christians use often, alongside other classic phrases and words like “fellowship,” “accountability partners,” “hedge of protection,” and “traveling mercies.” To many people outside the church, the meanings of these phrases are mysterious. Let me explain…

Around the beginning of this year I blogged about some good practices when it comes to Bible reading, prayer, and Scripture memory, but I recently had someone ask about “quiet times,” so I thought I’d elaborate on that idea for a minute.

I’m not sure where the phrase got started, but I know Who started the practice.

But Jesus

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