~Putting On God~

~Sherie's Morning Coffee~

We get up most days and we “get ready” for our day.
We take a shower (cleanse our body)
We put on clothes (adorn)
We put on make-up, well if you’re a woman generally you do. (enhance)
We fix our hair (adorn and enhance)
We feed our body with food (nourishment)
Do we do all this preparing for the day just in case we see someone we know?
Do we do all this preparation so that others will look at us and say she/he is looking good today?
Why do we really do it?
Is it for us or for the benefit of others? I would say a little of both (I would scare people some days if I did not…..LOL)
SO why do we not put on God every day???
Wake up with a prayer (cleanse our soul)
Have a positive God led attitude and a smile (adorn)
Read your Bible (enhance and nourishment)

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