He Will Not Forsake His Saints

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Psalm 37

I really enjoy reading Psalm and Proverbs to start my day, great quick verses of good thinking and wisdom and reminders.  Not every day do they hit all my cylinders, but today Psalm 37 did.  Today, the devil was getting to me, my anxiety went way up and my patience waiting for the Lord went almost to zero, then I read Psalm 37 and all of a sudden, I was ok again.

The theme of Psalm 37 was “He Will Not Forsake His Saints”, my first question, is who are his saints, am I one.  Is a saint like a disciple, is it one who believes him, who want to be a vessel to help Him carryout his Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven?  I truly hope so, because that is how I interpreted the word saints.

Wait, before you go, I have to tell…

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