Grateful for Grace

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

One of the ways I have been taking in Scripture is listening to it during my commute to work in the morning. The last few days I have been in Deuteronomy. You can’t listen to the layout of God’s Law without being overwhelmed by it. The Law is a comprehensive and unapologetic laying of God how expects the Israelites to live, work, relate to people, treat people, love people, worship Him and how to handle it when they did not. Certainly grace was woven into it. But let me tell you when you are listening to 7-8 straight chapters of Law, if you are really listening you will quickly come to the conclusion that there is no way to keep it. Not because it was flawed, or unjust, or because it asked too much. There is not any one thing in there that is beyond our capacity to understand and do…

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