Christians, We Need to Talk

Okay, friends, we need to chat.

If you’re in any way involved with social media then you know that it’s extremely easy to get swept up in news, drama and/or political banter. With our fingers to a keyboard, it becomes faster and easier than ever before to broadcast our opinions without truly thinking about the people and situations that we’re discussing.

It’s understandable. We’re human. We make snap judgements and we act accordingly.

However, it is this girl’s humble opinion that Christians, including myself, have a greater responsibility. We need- I’m sorry- we have to be more careful with our words.

During the heat of election season, I watched in awe as some of the adults that I look up to and respect posted awful things about candidates on both sides of the aisle. I read comment after comment of people calling candidates stupid and worthless, some even wishing death…

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