Fear Displaces God

The world pressures me with fear,
Despair, the earth consumes me with.
Worry causes me to lose grip of my hope,
My faith in God slips as doubt takes hold.
But I will not allow fear to be my Lord,
My King will not be the worries of the world.
For my God is the Sovereign over my life,
My whole world revolves around my Holy Father.
So I will fill myself with His Divine Spirit,
I will breathe in His Holy Presence daily.
So that I will stand up against all worry,
Against fear I will fight and prevail.
For Jesus is my King,
The Lord of my life is Christ forever.

Heiress of A Promise

Fear strips away God’s lordship over our lives. Instead of God being at the throne of our hearts, fear usurps God, manifesting in our loss of faith and surge of doubt. When we allow this illegitimate sovereignty of fear to continue, fear has the power to silence our faith. To exile faith into the deepest dungeons of our mind.

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