Scripture Wasn’t Written in Pencil: Inerrancy

Theology in Motion

Were the original authors of Scripture supposed to write their books in pencil?

In other words, are there errors in the Bible that need to be corrected?

It is my belief that Scripture is inerrant, which means that

Scripture never affirms anything that is false.

If you are like me, you don’t believe in the inerrancy of Scripture because you have worked through every alleged discrepancy in the entire Bible and found a satisfying answer for each one. So why should a Christian believe that Scripture is inerrant?

Two Arguments for Inerrancy

There are at least two arguments for inerrancy that I find convincing. The first argument comes from Norman Geisler:

(1) God cannot err.

(2) The Bible is the Word of God.

(3) Therefore, the Bible cannot err.

Premise 1 seems to be a given for a Christian. In fact, Scripture explicitly says that “it is impossible for God…

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