The Preacher and Time Management

Rightly Divided

Every day in the work of the ministry is an opportunity to serve people, glorify Christ and build the Kingdom of God on the earth. The minister, whether otherwise employed or full time in a church or educational position, is in a unique position to seize this opportunity. There are at least a few things that a man in the ministry should be involved in on an ongoing basis. He should be devotionally reading the Scriptures for his own edification and that of his family. He should be constantly involved in Scripture exegesis to fulfill his commitment of accurately handling the Word of Truth. He should be a life-long learner regardless of whether he is a seeking a degree. He should be meeting with his people as a partner in discipleship, a mentor and a counselor. He will have weddings, funerals, visitations, etc. always creeping up on the calendar. All of this…

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