Like an Owl in the Desert


Psalm 102 is often referred to as the “Prayer of an Overwhelmed Heart”. In it, King David compares himself to an owl in a desert … lonely as a solitary bird on a roof.  An avid fan of owls, I’m aware that deserts and owls don’t mix nicely. No mice and no trees, a desert-stranded owl has to make a drastic adjustment and learn to live on moths and to burrow in holes in the ground.

No, an owl in a desert would be a forlorn, desperate sight. Pitiful.  King David felt dried up; desperately far from God, with depression wrapping a thick hand around him. He was like that owl – vulnerable, exposed, alone.  Enemies taunted. He was a man without comfort.
Owl in the desert

I’ve wondered if Psalm 101 and 102 were meant to go together as one.  If so, we are given an intriguing insight into this king, known as a friend of…

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