Star Wars & Jesus

King David of Portland

Get ready folks.

The Jedi Order has been running strong for thousands of years, maintaining peace and justice in the galaxy. Everything seems to be fine. And then Galactic Civil War breaks out.

Adam and Eve are hanging out in the Garden, chilling with God and checking out all the cool trees and animals. Everything is peaceful. And then they eat the fruit.

Suddenly, the Jedi are overwhelmed with the forces of evil. The Separatists and their Droid Army secure a sure victory if left unchecked. The galaxy is full to the tipping point with chaos and monarchical powers.

The temptation and power of sin prove to be too much for Man. They worship a golden calf while YHWH commands Moses a few thousand feet up. Their cities and people are fraught with sexual immorality and greed while the kings do their best but end up failing anyway. Nothing is…

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