Learning to Love Leviticus 4 – Clean and Unclean (11:1 – 15:33)

Biblically Minded Blogging

So far in Leviticus, we have seen how sacrifices are able to help Israel be safe with God dwelling with them. Priests are required to perform these sacrifices and are set apart within Israel to be holy, and mediate between Israel and God, so that Israel is safe. We have also seen in the first post from Exodus that the main question for Leviticus is, can Israel be in a safe relationship with God? Approaching Leviticus with this question, I hope we can see that Leviticus is a book that is also relevant of us as Christians, for we too need to safely dwell with God.

By the end of this post we will have completed half of Leviticus! This post we are looking at a section which concentrates upon the state of being clean (11:1-15:33). If you haven’t yet read this, try to read it now, and answer how does this help keep…

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