How to be a Christian Athlete

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How to be a Christian Athlete

Christian athletes are everywhere. Just turn on the TV.

With every great play and goal scored, they come out from the shadows to proclaim their love for God. A quick point toward heaven, kneeling to pray, maybe even ripping off a jersey to reveal an “I belong to Jesus” undershirt – all the least they can do for a God who has given them so much.

Before I became a washed-up athletic wannabe, I used to belong to this special group of people. I was a leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club in both high school and college. I wrote Bible verses on my wrist tape and said the team prayer before every game. I was about as “Christian athletic” as it gets.

Therefore, I feel somewhat qualified to give the following piece of advice.

What is the secret? How can you excel as a Christian athlete? If…

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