The Importance of Prayer

Weaving Threads of Hope Into Our World

Plug Into The Power Source

Our prayer life is of most importance.  It is the most we can do for each other.  A prayer does not need to be filled with big, long “religious” words.  It doesn’t need to be spoken eloquently nor does it need to be lengthy.  It definitely does not need to be a grocery list type thing either.  A prayer can be as simple as, “Jesus, I can’t do it by myself.  Help me please!”

Jesus isn’t looking at how it is spoken or the words we use;  however, He does look at our heart.  It doesn’t matter how long, how many hours we pray;  it’s a matter of what is in your heart.  Is it God’s will you are asking?  Is it fleshly desire?  Are we earnestly seeking Him in our prayers?  Are we truly sorry for what we have done wrong?  Don’t be like the Pharisees, being long-winded and praying…

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