Coming Up in the Spirit


Through the process of repentance, forgiveness, grace by faith, and salvation…the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ lifts our spirits to the top of the vertical graph-line spectrum of goodness and light…redeemed through Jesus and thus perfect in the Father’s sight because Jesus is the acceptable Passover Lamb of God.

But we also have a life-script destiny to live-out that is defined as a walk of faith…that is crafted by God and therefore perfect in its inception…but because it plays itself out within this broken and fallen world…our performance in it is less than perfect and therefore falls somewhere below the top-most point on this spectrum line…but above and higher up from the large zone of worldly conventional normalcy and thinking.

I believe this is where the biblical narrative stories of faith land on the vertical graph-line spectrum…perfect in their divine inception but less than perfect through human performance…except…

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