His Gifts

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely


He gives us e v e r y t h i n g.
He does it a l l.

We become His inheritance,
He becomes our treasure.
We are saved by Him,
He is adored by us.
We are made new,
He is glorified.
We are filled by Him,
He is loved by us.
He purifies us,
We become holy.
He leads us,
We follow Him.
He guides us,
We are carried by Him.
He honours us,
We are obedient to His voice.
He forgives us,
We are eternally thankful.
He cleanses us,
We are sanctified by Him.
He heals us,
We are made whole.
He reveals Himself to us,
We worship Him in Spirit and Truth.
He brings us to life,
We are immortal in Him.
He raises us,
We are glorified in Him.
He marries us,
We are His bride forever.

‭‭{Ephesians‬ ‭2:4-10‬}
But God, who is rich…

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