Our Futile Efforts to Reach God


Ever since the Tower of Babel humans have had a compulsion to build tall buildings for one of two reasons. We either build tall to impress others to achieve notoriety (however temporary), or in some kind of effort to reach toward a deity (however futile) to acknowledge and/or exalt him (or her). Sometimes I just want to say “give it up!” You’ll never get there. Someone else will build taller. God isn’t in the sky any more than he is in your neighborhood grocery store!

temple50 700 foot tall Hindu temple being built in India. Rendering by InGenious Studio via Building Design+Construction 

This article describes the latest version of one of these efforts. I don’t know if the goal is to exalt a deity, or to try to reach one. It is beyond me to see how building a 700 foot “tallest religious structure in the world” does anything but waste a lot…

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