The Crushing Business of Our Salvation

Warrior Soul

“God’s response to the belittlement of His name from the beginning of time, has been the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on a Roman Cross.” Matt Chandler

Free gift. If we’ve been in church long enough you have most likely heard about the “free gift” of salvation, offered to us by Jesus’ atonement on the cross and by His death-defeating resurrection. But the term “free gift”….it just doesn’t sit right with me. It never has. A “free gift” is what you find at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box or the t-shirt you get when you sign up for a new credit card at the airport. Now I understand the theology and the well meaning intent behind this statement. You and I have done nothing to earn Heaven. Our salvation comes strictly because of what God did on our behalf. This is absolutely true. We didn’t ever “find God” as…

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