If You Knew

It was the shy girl that you laughed at; she grew up in an abusive home. 

It was the boy you called proud -he’s actually insecure. 

The angry driver that cut you off this morning?  She just got a divorce. 

The girl crying in the store… Her mother just got diagnosed with cancer. 

The friend you forgot to text back; She’s feeling suicidal. 

The guy you called slow – He is autistic. 

The woman who you think is over dramatic, she struggles with an anxiety disorder. 

The girl you called fat  has an eating disorder.

The cashier you thought was grumpy, His dad just died. 

The young girl you ignore? she cuts herself .

Next time you are tempted to jump to a conclusion about someone, or criticize them for their behavior, remember, you might not know the whole story. Often, we go by first impressions without taking the time to get to know someone…

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