Faith vs. Feelings

The Sisterhood of Ruth

I was reflecting this morning on the tragedy experienced by Naomi, Oprah and Ruth.  As you continue to the read the book of Ruth, Naomi’s grief and pain from losing her two boys and her husband feels so real that my heart breaks for her (see Ruth 1:20).  We have all had our seasons of tragedy.  For me it’s been dealing with a sick child.  The Bible does not mention how Naomi’s family received the news of her loss when she returned to Bethlehem. But, I can remember last year, around this time, some rather interesting reactions to my own crisis.  My daughter, London, was sick much of 2016.  In the midst of this I had a conversation with a friend regarding London’s situation. I was having a down day just hours after a less than favorable MRI result. In my sorrow, I shared the possibilities from the doctor to which…

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