The Artful Hand of the Creator

Wedgetail Ministries


‘…God’s painting again..’

The other morning was just like any other morning, trying to wake up and glancing nonchalantly at the world waking up. I’m lucky to be live in a place  where I can see sunrise over the sea and breathe without thinking I’m inadvertently ingesting half a million dodgy chemicals.  As I looked to the crimson streaked sky I could see clearly the dappling of silver grey edging the clouds like blends from a master’s palate, ‘God’s been painting again!’ I thought. It got me to thinking that our Father God must love to create, revel in the sensation of bringing something forth from Himself. It must be similar to the feeling of satiation I receive in placing brush to canvas and the gentle pull of oils like its connected to my soul, although for Him it must be even better… after all He is God and has…

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