God’s mercy is not obligatory.

Grace Upon Grace

Mercy is a demonstration of compassion or forgiveness towards an offender, an enemy, or a person who is in one’s power to punish or harm. Mercy is voluntarily and not obligatory. However, I think many times we tend to believe that God is obligated to be merciful with humanity. Nonetheless, we forget that our present day society has become an enemy of God in many many ways. Today, our society despises the commandments of God and wishes to remain self-governed rather than to bow down at the feet of God forgetting that it is God who created them and who is Sovereign over all. Although the Lord God has commanded us not to murder, we have become murderers, although He has commanded us not to steal or lie, we have become thieves and liars. We have become corrupt in every way of life to the point that our society has…

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