Good News of the Gospel

Life's a Journey

Have you ever wondered why the Gospel is called the ‘Good News’? There is even a Bible translation named after it. I have noticed that there are some who would complicate the Gospel, and say your salvation depends on certain things. For example, you must worship on Sabbath Saturday, eat certain foods ie be a vegetarian, believe that hell is not eternal, speak in tongues, accept that the earth is ‘young’ at about 5,000 years old, believe in creation as 7 literal days of 24 hours, must be a Calvinist, baptised by total immersion, can’t have women in the pulpit, and there are more. For some folks, anything less than their way makes you unsaved, or your salvation is false. You know what that means to them? You can’t call yourself a Christian, and have no chance of getting into heaven! Wow, what arrogant presumption.

Part of the reason the…

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