Don’t Stop

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“You’ll only stay stuck if you stop.”

BOOM. Just like that, I felt those words land in my heart like a slap in the face. It was the kind of God-ordained phrase that had enough force to rouse me from my spiritual slump.

I had been in a bad headspace all day. I’d had moody days like it before, but lately the irritable attitude seemed to visit more frequently than usual over the last few months. The laid back level-headedness and patience for which I’d been known had all but dissipated. A friend of mine had even told me earlier in the day to walk outside and get an attitude adjustment, and I’m pretty sure he was only half kidding. Even the mere fact that I was so obnoxiously bothered by everything only added to the coals of my frustration.

Oh, and did I mention this horrible mood hit me…

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