Need to catch my breath…

The Book of Brandon (Poetry, Stories, Jokes, Songs, Journaling, and Art)

I just..

feel like there’s a lot to digest,
mind-festering, itchy & scratchy with a sweater,
soaked in sweat & pine needles from pine-trees,
beating myself up, eating myself up, thinking many ideas,
impatient, still learning basics,
need training, sign on my back says, ‘detain me.’
Prisoner free, no more cell, no more flat-bed,
given deliverance, a taste of unlimited access,
practice makes perfect, being taught, constantly learning,
slight burning, yearning as the world is turning,
look up into the sky, heaven afar, God’s close,
hearing more, foot-tapping songs I’m tuned into,
many to listen to, plenty like food on a menu,
God gives many chances, failed? Repent and continue,
been through a lot? Been there, done that,
need to catch my breath, pray my lungs don’t collapse,
irrational fears, lack of knowledge, not that I lack though,
make myself suffer by not acting on what I know,
perfectionism, rejected…

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