The Banner of the Lord

I set out on the course I must go,

My mind is set upon the path I’m given.

But the way seems dark and threatening,

Shadows and menace shrouds my goal.

My heart melts within me,

Quaking with fear is my soul.

But then I see His standard,

The banner of the Lord appears before me.

I hear the words of the Almighty,

The voice of my God, my ears listen attentively.

He beckons me to follow Him in the way,

Upon that dark trail, He encourages me forward.

“Keep your eyes upon my banner”, says the Lord,

The Almighty declares, “Follow my standard.”

So I will set forth on the course I am given,

Upon the path before me, I will go.

For I will follow the Lord’s standard,

The banner of God, I will pursue.

For as long as I do I’m secure,

In safety will I be as I follow Him.

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