God’s Unique Puzzle Piece

My world was a complete mess,

In total disarray was my life.

I thought my life had no meaning,

No significance did I feel my life was.

But the Lord revealed the truth of it all,

The big picture did the Almighty show me.

I am an important piece to His world,

To His creation, I’m a unique component.

Like a puzzle piece, I fit in a certain way,

No other can fit in where I need to be.

Without me, the portrait is incomplete,

The masterpiece is undone without my hue.

So when life seems very hard, I will not despair,

Sorrow won’t grip me during moments of difficulty.

For the Lord will give me grace to carry on,

Courage will the Almighty provide during the worst times.

For I am special in the Lord’s eyes,

Before the King of Kings, I’m unique to all.


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