God Makes Whole the Broken

I was broken beyond repair,

Flaws were everywhere in me.

People look at me in disgust,

Ridicule they filled the air around me.

Who would want such horrid person,

Such filth belongs in the junk heap.

So here I stood with the garbage,

In the refuse I made my abode.

But then the Lord came and looked at me,

The Almighty gazed upon me and smiled.

“I must have you,” declares the Lord,

God announces, “You will come with me.”

“But I am broken,” I say to my King,

I explain to the Almighty that I was nothing but flaws.

“Within those flaws there is a treasure,”

“There is nothing broken that I can’t fix.”

So the Lord took me and made me whole,

He wiped away my flaws to reveal beauty.

Now people see me and they’re in shock,

Awe now fills the air around me.

How is this possible they would ask,

They would question how this was done.

I would point to the One who is beside me,

To the Lord who is by my side, I explain how.

For my God can make whole the broken,

The flawed are cleansed by the King of Kings.

2 thoughts on “God Makes Whole the Broken

  1. Amen! We are never too broken beyond repair for Jesus to use us! Interestingly, I’ve found s few posts today on brokenness, including my own short piece: https://angelaslittleattic.com/2017/05/21/god-is-the-potter/.
    God must be calling on us Christians to remind others that we don’t think we are perfect, and that we have flaws like anyone else. We are only made whole in the love of Jesus! đź’™
    Beautiful testimony!

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