God is in Control

A Loss of Control

Have you ever had moments when things don’t go the way you hoped?  After all the planning and all your best efforts, the goal that you wanted to reach slips through your fingers and there was nothing you could’ve done to stop it.  Why can’t things go the way we want them to?

The Love of Control

Whether we like to admit it or not, all of us want to say we have control over the things that happen in our life.  It makes us feel safe and secure, believing that we can control how our life will play out.  Unfortunately, such control is impossible because there are some things that we can’t manipulate to our will.  For example, suppose you wanted to do an outdoor activity.  You hope for sunny weather, but you can’t control the weather and command it to stay sunny.  That is beyond our power and the feeling of not being in control creates a great deal of stress.

So how do we deal with those moments when things go outside our control.  The NIV Once a Day Devotional for Men offers a solution.  In this today’s video devotional, we read about the importance of accepting the fact that we aren’t the one’s in control.  That the one who has all the power is the Lord God and when we accept this and submit ourselves to His will, things will be a lot better for us.  May the Lord bless you and please feel free to leave any comments about what you watched.

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