To Be Known by God

Thoughts of a Coptic Orthodox Christian & Scientist

I think that God instilled in all of our hearts yearnings. These yearnings are towards Him. But to stop the thought here would mean that we have limited God to the word “Him”. So who is God? What does it mean to have a yearning towards God? In one of his podcast series, the reposed Father Thomas Hopko kindly shared his reflections in the series called “The Names of Jesus”. He reflected on the names of Jesus in the Bible and the Orthodox Liturgy. I will not list all of them here, but some of the names he discusses about Jesus are: “Savior”, “The Christ”, “Son of God”, “The Lord”, “I AM”, “God”, “The Teacher”, “The King”, “The Great High Priest”, “Friend”, “Brother”, “The Door”, “The Physician” and many more. Why did I bring this up? The names of Jesus teach us and enlighten us about who we are yearning…

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