Through the Inferno

Heat surrounds me on every side,

I am engulfed by the great inferno.

I look around for a place to escape,

Desperately, I seek a way out.

But no exit can be found,

There is no way to flee the flames!

The fires get closer and closer,

My skin is scorched by the licking flames.

Who will rescue me from my trial,

From this ordeal, who can deliver me?

I fall on my knees and cry out to Him,

Unto the Lord I plead for salvation.

Then I hear His still voice,

His whisper, I faintly hear.

He urges me to walk through the inferno,

Into the flames, He pleads that I go!

“Trust me,” says the Almighty,

My King tells me, “I’ll be with you.”

So I close my eyes and step forward,

In faith I go through the fire.

When I opened my eyes, I was in shock,

Amazed I was at what I saw!

The fire was no more,

Nowhere to be seen was the inferno.

So in the trials of life, do not fear,

Don’t despair when the inferno surrounds you.

Just move forward in your walk,

Press on without fear through the trial.

For God will strengthen you in the flames,

Against all obstacles, He is always with you.

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