For the Fallen in Christ

After hearing of the tragedy that happened on May 26th, the Lord stirred my heart to write this poem.  This poem, I dedicate to those who stand firm in their faith in the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings:

Why does the world hate your people,

To your children, why Lord do they suffer so?

This world does not know you Father,

Our King of Kings, they don’t understand.

They despise the One who saves them,

The One who died for them, they reject.

So they strive to oppose those who love you,

To the faithful, they endure to persecute.

Let us of faith endure against their hate,

Against their anger, may we stand firm.

Let us comfort those who suffer loss,

May we come to the side of the hurting.

Let us pray with one Spirit,

With one Heart, let’s encourage each other.

For we are the Body of Christ,

Each of us is a part of each other.

And let us not repay hate with hate,

But let’s show love in the face of their rage.

Father forgive them of their hatred,

For their trespass, oh God, don’t hold it against them.

For they know not what they do,

They are ignorant of their actions.

Let our witness to them, turn them to you,

In their darkness, may our light shine brightly.

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