How To Deepen Your Understanding Of The Bible – Review

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Finding alternatives and tools to study the bible can be many times challenging. It is not easy to find those tools that truly help you to learn the Word of God and get the knowledge you want. In my search, I found a course that I participated a month ago that helped me in my study time of the word. Today I want to share with you about this course and how you can Deepen Your Understanding Of The Bible.

How to deepen your understanding of the (3)

How To Deepen Your Understanding Of The Bible

The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies offers live online classes that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.  I took several classes, even from my smart phone.  I never imagined that I could study another language and that this would allow me to know more deeply about the Bible.

I took several classes on Biblical Hebrew, all classes were live, online…

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