The Golden Lion of God

The dark lion stalks me daily,

Every day, I’m pursued by this monstrous beast.

It longs to consume me through and through,

My heart and soul it desires to devour.

Ever vigilant I must be for the dark lion,

Against this monster, I must keep a watchful eye.

But my flesh is weak and I grow tired,

Constant watching makes my eyes heavy.

Then I feel His warm breath behind me,

His low growl awakens my soul.

The Golden Lion warns me of danger,

Alerted am I by the Wonderful Beast.

His breath refreshes my soul,

My heart is restored by His mighty roar.

The dark lion flees from the sound,

The monster runs away before Him.

But the evil One will return again,

Satan will come back when I’m not watching.

So I will turn to the Lion of Judah and find strength,

Power and might I will ask the King of Kings.

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