Got Faith? Well until…

Lady In Waiting 222

Have you ever been scared out of your mind?

I mean heart racing, gut wrenching, sweaty palms, panic attack mode, gonna wet your pants, would just about rather die or melt into the ground scared?

(Ok, I realize that was a bit extreme, but hopefully you got my point, lol.)

Surely this is where I found myself a few short weeks ago when the Lord very clearly said to me:

Just take the first step.

Me: You want me to do what Lord?

God: Walk by faith.

Me: How?

God: (silence)

Me: Why?

God: (silence)

Me: You mean like right now?

God: (silence) before I explain what I mean and what started this dialogue  monologue between the Lord and I, let me give some background history.

Last year, around this same time, I found myself in a similar position, where I knew God was calling me to take…

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